Players Revealed. The Game Changer!

  • Players Revealed is a FREE online platform where players can create their own personal profiles highlighting their skills and achievements to showcase themselves.
  • Players Revealed is sa platform which allows you to promote yourself to the entire world.
  • You may have great sporting talent but if no one knows then soon, you will be wiped away from this completive world of sports.
  • At Players Revealed you can create your profiles and reveal your achievements and skills FREE OF COST!!!


How to promote yourself?

  • After creating your profile successfully, you need to share  ITon various social media platform like on Facebook, Google+ Twitter, email or anyone you use know or prefer.
  • The combination of your player profile page and usage of social media is a lethal combination to boost yourself.
  • Below is an example OF how a player can boost his image and showcase himself / herself by the help of Facebook or Google+ or Twitter.



For example if a member have 500 Facebook friends and He/She share his profile page on his Facebook Account


500 People

From Facebook account of member

1 Share

50 Like

500 FB Views


If further 10% of his account friend Like & share his profile futher


50 People

Member Facebook friend further share and like his profile page

50 Share


Taking 200 group in each FB account (500x200 = 1,00,000)


10000 FB Views


Taking 1% of them will share profile further and 5% of them will like the profile

100 Share

500 Like


The tree of liking of views and sharing profile grows from here


In this manner in one day your profile can be viewed by more than 1 Lack people, having more than 500 likes and around 150 shares of profile page



It mainly depends on how you use social media tools, your interaction level, quality of your profile creation.

Accurate information and quality of describing yourself would be one of the main key to popularize yourself.